Reuben George Theological Seminary has the following programmes:
  1. Diploma in Religious Studies (Christian option)
  2. Diploma in Theology
  3. B.A. Religious Studies (Affiliated with Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo)
  4. B.A. in Theology
  5. PGD in Pastoral Studies
  6. Master Programmes


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  1. Master Programmes
  2. Executive PGD in Pastoral Studies
  3. Degree Programme
  4. Diploma Course
  5. Certificate Course
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  1. All students must register for a minimum of 30 units and a maximum of 36 units per session.
  2. At the 100 level, each student must register for 6 units under General Studies programme courses including the Use of English. By the time the student completes his degree, he must have obtained a total of 9 units under the programme.
  3. The degree shall be awarded with honours provided a student obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average that is not less than 1.50 and satisfies other minimum requirements.
  4. For the award of a pass degree, student must obtain the minimum of 120 units including all compulsory courses specified in the list of courses.


REGETS Library was established to meet the information needs of both staff and students of the seminary. It is maintained by the parent body (GOFAMINT). It provides information resources and services which are of direct relevance to the interest and activities of the Seminary. The library has a good selection of standard works, while new books are steadily added. The library is stocked with over 7,000 collections of standard materials, which include periodicals like Expository Anthropology, know Africa Encyclopedia Britannica, Theological Publications, Journal of Bible Studies, dailies and so on for both learning and research purposes. The Library also contain a section of achieves including historical records or the nineteenth century.
The library is headed by a librarian who holds a Masters Degree in Library Studies. The classification scheme adopted by the library is Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).