Admission Requirements:

An applicant, holding a minimum of Second Class lower degree from an institution of higher learning recognized by REGETS on the national and international grid may apply for a master degree program, irrespective of whether such degree is obtained in religion, theology or any other arts, commercial or science discipline. A lower degree may be considered based on work/ministerial experience. Candidates with Pass degree or equivalent qualification would be advised to do the Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology as a qualifying certificate for the Master degree. However, only candidates with first degree in education or religious education may be admitted into the MA in Christian Education program.

Work load:

REGETS masters’ degree programs are offered on modular basis. Each module is a 40-hour classroom contact session that runs for ONE WEEK at a time, with four hours each in the morning and afternoon sessions. The intensive one week study covers classroom instruction, group paper presentation, book review, test and an optional final exam (depending on lecturer).


Take home assignments, when given, shall be due not later than a month after the last class of the module in question. All assignments should be submitted within a month after completion of a module. Any assignments submitted after the due date will attract grade penalty: the student’s grade will be reduced by one letter grade, e.g. A becomes B and B becomes C, etc. Under no circumstance will a lecturer wait for any student to submit an assignment after a month before compiling and sending in the result of the module to the office of the Academic Dean.

Thesis requirement:

All candidates for all master degree programs, with the exception of the MDiv students, which is optional, must write, defend and pass a thesis before qualifying for graduation. Each candidate will defend or present the proposal for his/her thesis at least a year before the anticipated year of graduation. Thesis topics shall be strictly within the department and field of study of each candidate. The Head of Department will recommend possible internal supervisor, not below the grade of Lecturer 1 and possibly with an earned PhD or published articles in the field being researched, to the Academic Dean for possible ratification. The Academic Board will approve the external supervisor who will be familiar with REGETS guidelines for thesis writing. Guidelines for writing and conducting the thesis will form part of the course on Graduate Research Methods.

Graduation Requirements and course schedule:

To be awarded the MDiv degree (General Studies), a candidate is required to have successfully completed 90 credit hours; which include 60 units of common core courses and 30 units of electives in one or two departments of emphasis as the postgraduate school fully matures, viz: (i) Biblical and Religious Studies (BST); (ii) World Mission and Intercultural Studies (MIS); (iii) Pastoral and Historical Studies (PAL); and (iv) Christian Education and Leadership Studies.


Follow the under-listed procedures to have your application processed:
  1. Download the application form for our Master's programme by clicking the image below
  2. Pay an application fee of
    10,000 (Ten thousand Naira Only) into the account below:

    Bank name: FIRST BANK PLC
    Account name: REGETS PDG Account
    Account number: 2031581488

  3. Submit the duly filled application form and bank teller (proof of payment) at the bursary of our Ibadan Campus. You will in return obtain a receipt (proof of submission).
For more information, call: 08166286277


Master's Programme Schedule