A. Our Philosophy of Education

EDUCATION The biblical doctrine of the priesthood of the believer supports the concept of the ministry of all members of the church. In order to endow the whole church for ministry, the Holy Spirit bestows diverse kinds of gifts for the accomplishment of God’s purpose for ministry; all involve intellectual, practical and ministerial skills acquired through study. To fulfill this purpose, REGETS seeks to provide leadership education in church planting, organization, principles of evangelism, church growth, musicology as well as other pastoral and ministerial studies. These prepare and equip workers of all denominations to fulfill God’s call to ministry.

Attention is given to fostering emotional and intellectual maturity as students are provided with spiritual and academic support so that they can gain a better understanding of themselves, their personal growth opportunities, their unique potentials, their calling and their relationships with others.

B. Our Philosophy of Worship

WORSHIPHigh spiritual standards expected of a gospel minister are equally required of REGETS’s students. Therefore, Christ-like spiritual life such as bearing of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-24) is expected to be their hallmark which should be clearly demonstrated in their daily lives within and outside the campus. A desire for purity of life at a higher level and fullness of the Holy Spirit is necessary. Those who are not ready to uphold these standards are advised not to apply for admission. After admission however, any deviation shall be visited with strong disciplinary measures. This denotes that compliance to Christ-like spiritual life is key.

Various chapel services are held to enrich students’ spiritual life. These services are held on selected days and nights of every week, each being devoted to singing, prayers and sermons. From time to time, notable ministers are invited for ministrations, to enhance and uplift the spiritual life of the entire REGETS community.


Reuben George Theological Seminary could be ranked with other Theological Colleges in terms of academic, pastoral and spiritual programmes.
The following are the aims and objectives of the Seminary:
1. To formulate and implement a systematic evangelical approach, through intensive training in which the fulfilment of the Great Commission shall be acknowledged.
2. To offer intensive degree (undergraduate & postgraduate), diploma and certificate courses designed to train leaders who in turn will train others such as: teachers, missionaries, church planters and Christian educators for all forms of ministerial purposes.
3. To regulate the doctrinal standard of the church from time to time in line with the teachings of the Scripture.