This program is designed primarily for top leaders and ministers in GOFAMINT (The Gospel Faith Mission International) and Christian denominations of same faith who have acquired higher degrees in secular fields of study but with little or no theological training. It is an in-service programmme that aims at developing the cognitive, affective and the psycho-motor skills of the ministers who are already in Church leadership positions.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to evidence of a second birth, applicants are expected to demonstrate a strong evidence of a genuine call into pastoral ministry. The minimum academic qualification required for admission into this programme is a first degree from a recognised and accredited university or other similar institutions of higher learning. Recommendation letters are also required from a senior pastor or ministry supervisor of each applicant.


It is a year (twelve calendar months) programme. The calendar of the programme runs from August to July every year. Each module covers a period of one month with two weeks of contact sessions. Each week, students are expected to spend 4 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday, making a minimum of 12 hours of academic interaction, while the two remaining weeks are used for rigorous assignment. All modular assignments must be submitted before any student proceeds to register for a new module.

Modus Operandi:

This programme shall be a modular one. Students are required to participate at least 90% of the contact sessions before they can graduate. The modular system allows us to bring to campus well qualified lecturers from all over the world as well giving the students the opportunity to attend the course without having to leave their jobs or ministry place. Graduates of this programme will be allowed to continue or proceed to higher degrees in other similar higher institutions.


Follow the under-listed procedures to have your application processed:
  1. Download the PGD application form by clicking the image below
  2. Pay an application fee of
    10,000 (Ten thousand Naira Only) into the account below:

    Bank name: FIRST BANK PLC
    Account name: REGETS PDG Account
    Account number: 2031581488

  3. Submit the duly filled application form and bank teller (proof of payment) at the bursary of our Ibadan Campus. You will in return obtain a receipt (proof of submission).
For more information, call: 08033049399, 08062090800


1.OLD TESTAMENT SURVEYOutlines the books in the Old Testament, the division of the books and their interconnectedness in the redemptive package of God for humans.
2.NEW TESTAMENT SURVEYStudies the books of the New Testament with a particular reference to the Pauline and General Epistles
3.BIBLICAL HERMENEUTICSOutlines the principles of interpreting the Holy Bible with special application to the African context.
4.HOMILETICSCovers the science and art of sermon preparation and delivery with special focus on expository sermon.
5.MODERN CHURCH PLANTING & GROWTH STRATEGYExposes students to the techniques of establishing and growing churches using modern tools with special focus on growing churches in cities and urban centres.
6.CHURCH ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCEStudies the principles of administering the human and material resources of the church in a God glorifying way.
7.PASTORAL THEOLOGYDeals with the rudiments of the pastoral work with special focus on the early church as taught in the New Testament.
8.POWER EVANGELISM & CHRISTIAN WITNESS TO MUSLIMSExposes students to the Islamic religion and how to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit in reaching out to Muslims and other non Christians/religions with the Gospel of redemption.
9.PASTORAL COUNSELING & FAMILY LIFECovers the biblical principles of counseling, family issues and how to nurture godly families through the ministry of the Church.
10.TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL MEDIA & MINISTRYOutlines the importance of IT (Information Technology) to ministry in post modern era and how to use the social media to advance the gospel and grow the Church.
11.CHURCH, SOCIETY AND LEGAL MATTERSExposes students to the roles of the Church as agent of transformation in society as well as other important legal issues that the Church wrestles with especially in urban centres.
12.CHURCH MINISTRY IN EDUCATIONDescribes the educational roles of the Church in providing Christ-centred holistic nurture that will lead to the maturity of the participants.
13.GOFAMINT HISTORY AND MINISTERIAL DUTIESPresents the basics of the history of GOFAMINT and the various ministerial assignments that a Church leader must be acquainted with.
14.RESEARCH METHODOLOGYThis course prepares the student on the procedures involved in carrying out research.


Old Testament I
Old Testament II